Small Group Training

Sweat has been an area leader in personal training development since 2005. The unique, formatted approach gives individualized workouts to each client in a small group setting.  Private training can be expensive to most people. By participating in "small group" training, you can take advantage of discounted prices. Most gyms that offer this, give a standard workout that is the same for everyone. At Sweat, we provide individualized attention during your workout. You may be part of a group, but we will train you based on what body part you need that day, modify exercises accordingly, meet you at your current fitness level, and bring out your full potential.


Every client at Sweat has a unique story. All ages and fitness levels attend Sweat. We have clients who have been with us since we opened in 2005 and those that started today. Some clients workout 2 times per week and others up to 6 times per week. Some clients need to lose 100 lbs and others want to gain 10 lbs of muscle. No matter what your goal, we can help. It is important to establish relationships with our clients so that you don't feel like "just another number." We take pride in getting to know you, helping set clear goals and mapping out how to get there. We will find the perfect fit for you!

Each Small Group Training lasts 60 minutes and starts on the hour. You have the ability to choose the hour and the trainer for every workout. There are numerous packages to fit your budget and needs. We also offer seasonal promotions. Please contact us today for pricing and to schedule your free trial.

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