"I absolutely love Sweat and all the trainers. Everyone is so kind and supportive. So happy to be part of the Sweat family."

Lisa White, age 48

"I'm down seven pounds and counting! I've tried big box gyms but never had the self discipline to continue more than three weeks. However, SWEAT is different in that they have created one-stop shop experience to put diet, exercise, goal planning, coaching under one roof. The trainers are encouraging, supportive and creative; the diet coaching is helpful and not ridiculous (I'm actually being encouraged to eat more, to not skip meals, and so on); and the coaching is tailored to my physical ability as I re-discover the former athlete in me. If you're looking for a personal trainer or to just start exercising again in North Phoenix or Anthem, Arizona, I would encourage you to come SWEAT."

David Degnan, age 35

"I appreciate the sincerity of the care I get each time I work out in the people around are always very uplifting and helpful."

Cheryl Barnett, age 62

"Sweat is by far the best workout I've ever had! I have gotten amazing results with top notch trainers and fast. The environment is so positive and keeps you coming back for more! I highly recommend Sweat for any age, any size..anyone!

Dian, Little, age 33

"Sweat has been an amazing experience for me. I first started because I wanted to lose weight, but soon developed a love for working out and eating healthy. The amazing support and knowledge of the trainers are the biggest part of this.  Whenever you walk in, they treat you like family and help you with anything you need. I came into Sweat for the first time having never worked out at a gym before, but they taught me everything I needed to know from how to eat well to how to use all the equipment in the gym. It is truly a fun, enjoyable, and supportive environment. I would recommend Sweat to anybody looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just feel healthier."

Timothy Kurtenbach, age 15

"Sweat was my first experience going to a gym, so I was a little intimidated but everyone is helpful and friendly, so I'm comfortable working out. The trainers push me to work harder than I would on my own and I'm getting stronger, which makes me feel really good!"

Janet Corn, age 60

"Sweat has been a game changer for me. For the first time in my adult life I can see myself at my ideal weight and that is all because of Sweat. It is hands down the best gym that I have ever used."

RJ Johnson, age 35

"I've been working out at Sweat for 10 years and it continues to be the best gym I have ever used! The personal trainers are very capable and make us feel unique while training us. After one hour of working, out we feel great and it makes our day! I will always recommend sweat as the best gym to get personalized training."

Francisca Medina, age 50

"I have the highest regard for all the trainers and staff, as they are always friendly and professional and give you a challenge that is safe and healthy for each member!! Highly recommend Sweat!"

Dick Tetsell, age 77

"I'm in the best shape of my life! Love the trainers, love the environment, love the feel of the place. It works, and you actually want to go. Awesome!"

Dave Anderson, age 43

"This is an awesome gym. I don't have to think. I just show up and get an amazing workout. I have never had definition in my arms or back and I am starting to get that. I would never accomplish this going to the gym on my own. The nutrition support is fantastic and really pushes you to eat the right things."

Jenn Thomas, age 46

"Who knew that a gym called Sweat would change the life of a boy named Jack. My son and I would inconsistently show up at Sweat until one profound day. Our trainer encouraged & challenged my son in making fitness a bigger priority. In less than 4 months, Jack lost 45 lbs. Jack could not wait to share Josh's words of encouragement after he burned 700 calories at his workouts. Jack grinned from ear to ear when Josh told him he was becoming 'a beast.' I always saw one of Gods finest when I looked at my son, but now I see that same soul with the strength, confidence, determination, and beauty of a stallion. We will forever be thankful to Sweat for instilling a lifelong love for a healthy lifestyle. Welcome to the Big Boy Club, Jack!"

Angie Shanley, Age 53  on son, age 16

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