Schedule an appointment today to get a comprehensive, easy-to-read assessment and discover your metabolic rate and how many calories you need to consume daily to lose weight or build muscle. 

The InBody is a medical grade scale and one of the most accurate on the market. Bio-Scans are the best way to assess your body and optimize your performance of your diet and exercise program. Used to analyze body composition, the Inbody scan can measure lean mass and body fat. Utilizing state of the art technology and electrical impedance, the scan can track total body weight, body fat mass, and skeletal muscle mass. Check out the easy-to-read print out you get with every scan. Use these numbers to meet your fitness goals, and see how fast you can lower your percentage of body fat and see the results you are working towards.

Set a measurement appointment with us....just a 45-second scan, could change your life and put you on the right track! This service is offered to the general public, so let your friends know about it.


1 visit for $50


3 for $99


Email us to get started. Appointments must be made with our front desk staff, so please call to get scheduled. 


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