We encourage clients to be active 1 hour of the day, but what you are doing the 23 “other” hours is what is crucial to your progress.  That is where "23 Club" comes in.  Since you can’t move in with us, the best way we can hold you accountable on your diet is with 23 Club coaching. It is especially helpful when you’ve lost motivation, are having a bad week, have an event coming up and want to look your best or need someone to guide and help educate you on the proper fuel to choose!  

The 23 Club is something we really value.  Seeing clients get the results they want so badly, is rewarding for us.  It’s not going to happen by chance!  Consistent effort is necessary to see results and that happens by being active and eating a balanced and nutritious diet. that is customized for individual goals and requirements. Making this lifestyle change is about balancing a realistic but effective plan.

23 Club coaching will require an updated measurement appointment to be done. You can buy Inbody measurement appointments for 1 for $50 or 3 for $99. Each month of diet coaching costs $100 and you can stop it at anytime. Once you have your measurements done, you will be assigned a 23 Club coach. You and your coach will have a diet consultation that is in depth and focuses on finding out all about your needs and goals. Then, a diet and goals will be created, measurements analyzed and you will be sent this information in a detailed email. Your goals will also be set up on the free app, My Fitness Pal. This is how we will check your food log. You will also receive a grocery list, meal plan catered to you, weekly contact that is personalized to you, advice, suggestions, feedback and accountability.


Those that log food, have the most success. Studies prove that those who log are more successful at reaching their goal weight than those that do not log food. We know it's not the most convenient habit to implement, but it is necessary and so helpful in what I need to do as your coach. It helps you realize what you have been doing wrong and teaches you what a balanced diet looks and feels like. Soon, you will make this a routine and you won't need to log once you understand what to do and keep the consistency.

If you would like to sign up for the 23 Club, please contact your Success Rep or email us for more information at info@sweatchallenge.com. 

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