12 Week Challenge

Whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, our 12 week Challenge is an amazing program full of accountability and structure to help you make a lifestyle change and get you the results you so badly want. Sweat is full of clients, each with a unique story...one with struggles, successes and personal goals. Our program is not cookie- cutter. We will fine tune a plan that really works for you. We stay away from "trendy diets" and focus on healthy lifestyle changes.


The Sweat Weight Loss Challenge is designed to take overweight clients through a 12-week journey of physical progress. The program includes hour-long workouts and 3 months of nutritional guidance from a 23 Club Coach, providing the accountability needed to stay on track.  Our goal is to have clients develop healthy patterns of eating that are realistic to their needs. Our 23 Club coaches will help with commitment to a specific meal plan and monitor client activity the other 23 hours a day when clients are not in the gym. It may sound overwhelming, but weight loss should be simple. Move more and eat less. The technology we implement will do the tracking for you. We know many weight loss clients have tried every diet out there or are feeling anxious at the idea of starting something so new. It can be scary, but we will help you feel comfortable so that the challenges you face bring you the change you want.

The Sweat Toning Challenge helps clients who are at or close to their goal weight and really want to focus on lowering body fat, toning their body and taking their fitness to another level. Fuel is very important no matter what your goal is. Clients who have lost weight may not know how to change their diet once they are at their goal weight. The toning challenge can really help guide those wanting to build muscle and shift to a different focus. You will get the accountability and structure of our 23 club diet guidance and learn how to eat for your goals.


The  Challenge begins quarterly in January, April, July and October. Sweat allows late registrants until the 15th of those months to join. At the end of the Challenge, we host an intimate and casual awards party. Local businesses donate generous prizes to the winners. Clients share their stories and inspiration fills the room. It is a great way to end the 12 week Challenge.


  • Choose from 36 or Unlimited sessions to use in 12 weeks.

  • Late sign-ups are welcome to join through the 15th.

  • All-inclusive Challenge packages give you 12 weeks of training, 23 Club nutritional guidance and your own personal coach & meal plan, measurements and goal setting and most importantly, results!

  • We use the medical grade scale from Inbody to track and analyze your results at the beginning, middle and end of the Challenge.

  • We only recommend Dotfit supplements that are 3rd party tested with truth in labeling, efficacy,  synergistically work together and tested in human, clinical trials. These products are NSF certified so are confident in what we recommend and know they work. 

Call us today at 623-551-5753 to get started or email us at info@sweatchallenge.com.

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